Trust was Formally Inaugurated on May Day 2005
Trust was Formally Inaugurated on May Day 2005, A section of audience.
Dr. Bramha deva sharma delivering a talk on "The crisis in agriculture"
A section of audience in the talk of "The crisis in agriculture"

Fourthcoming Activities

Webinar : Covid 19 – Facts and Fiction : Role of Progressive Forces

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M. S. Krishnan Memorial Trust

M.S. Krishnan (1924-2000), one of the illustrious sons of Karnataka was a popular public figure. He was an indefatigable leader of Trade Union movement for over four decades. He has left behind an enduring image of an essentially humble, compassionate, loving and trusted human being.

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Our Trust was registered on 25th August 2004. It was sponsored by Navakarnataka Publications of which Late M.S Krishnan himself was one of the founder. This Premier Publishing institution of Karnataka is now Celebrating 50th Year of its glorious existence. Other founders are B.V Kakkilaya and M.C.Narasimhan, both of whom were many time members of Karnataka Legislative Assembly as well as veteran Trade Union Leaders.

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